Green Set Initiative

 Bauie Productions has been tracking the mounting evidence that our planet’s climate is rapidly changing and believes we have a role in being part of the solution. We have committed to making our sets as green as possible without interfering with the creative process our clients rely on. Among the changes we are implementing are the elimination of single-use water bottles, a major contributor to greenhouse emissions and a prominent component of the plastic pollution despoiling our oceans. We are taking extra steps to separate recyclable materials from our waste, emphasize reusables and recyclables in our catering and craft, and employing solar power when on location. Perhaps most importantly, our shoots and commercials are now carbon neutral through the purchase of carbon offset credits at the conclusion of production.

We greatly appreciate our clients’ support for these efforts and look forward to pursuing this new initiative in partnership with you as we all strive for a sustainable future. 

Check out our progress to date: